Booking Management

Handling your reservations effectively is the basis for success in running your hospitality business. Whether they are inquiries obtained through telephone hotlines, emails inquiries, your website’s booking engine or online travel agents (OTAs); it is of vital importance that all reservations are synchronized by a channel manager and the correct room availability is shown at all times via a centralized reservations system . We will advise you the most effective reservations system for your organization after considering the amount of bookings and patterns of booking your business is accustomed to.


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Services provided for managing reservations and bookings :

  • Providing tips on handling phone hotline and email correspondence with direct inquirers/customers to ensure booking confirmation.
  • Providing assisting on maintaining the booking calendar of the leisure business.
  • Updating and synchronizing all bookings including bookings from Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to the booking calendar.
  • How to hand email correspondence with local travel agents, OTAs and other intermediaries and suppliers.
  • Advice on invoicing customers and agents to receive the payments after booking confirmation has been done.

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Booking Engines

Booking engines should integrate with your website and allow guests to search for availability for given dates, and then complete the whole booking process through to payment online.

You should have full control over the updates to room rates, inventory, stop sales, special rates and promos etc. to effectively yield manage and maximize profits right from the system.

Once the bookings have been made by a customer, our system allows for a central location for accommodation providers to easily manage and track their bookings. The system offers numerous management reports (past bookings, forward bookings, web metrics etc.) to help suppliers keep track of all the activity as it’s happening.

It also supports different payment options.

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Channel Managers

The Channel Management System is a shared database where all OTAs pull from a pooled database of allotment.
For example : When a property has 10 rooms available, all 10 of these rooms would be input into the channel manager. All of the OTAs with which the property has established contracts can then pull allotment from this pooled database. This means that all channels have access to the same 10 rooms, and the rooms will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a huge advantage since there is no worry that all rooms get booked out of one OTA, while other rooms are sitting unbooked in another. This saves time for reservation managers since all distribution websites (Agoda, etc.) and your own property website are managed from one location. Our system helps accommodation providers improve their room occupancy and reduce the chances of overbooking.

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