“More than half of all tourism businesses do not engage in standard, even free, digital marketing activities, have limited or no performance tracking, and remain unsatisfied with their marketing efforts.”

My objective is to make my clients self-reliant on managing their online marketing campaigns by providing proper and systematic coaching in the fundamentals of digital online marketing and equip them well to recover quicker from the effects of the Covid19 pandemic.

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Most Tourism businesses are self-marketing entities. They are physically present and stand stunning for everyone to see. This doesn’t discount the fact that they need to go out there and increase their visibility as much as they can. The competition is thick and there is no reason to be laid back. In today’s digital age, every business is pumping up its online marketing strategy. No longer can you only rely on the online booking agents to bring in business for you through their websites. Furthermore, online presence isn’t just about being visible on social media platforms and having your own website. It is about maintaining them and preparing solid marketing strategies to extract the potential of these platforms to the fullest. Obtaining inquiries and bookings directly through your online media has become very important and the first step is to plan each stage of your online marketing campaign before actually implementing it. A good online marketing plan has to be developed by each Tourism business to achieve their objectives and goals.

Website Optimization, Social Media & Content Management

Your website should be your main presence on the Internet, and typically sits at the top of all your online marketing activities. Next your Social Media accounts create your online brand and identity.

Website Design

A website should inspire people early in the cycle, inform them in the middle, and close the purchase at the end of their decision-making process. A mobile version of a website is nowadays of paramount importance as more and more potential customers are prone to view your website on the move and it will be very important to target impulse options while people travel. We will take all of the above into consideration and design your website as attractively as possible enabling viewers to view your website on any type of screen ranging from conventional desktops and laptops to the latest state-of-the-art mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization

Just having a website is not quite enough as people need to search it on the Internet. We will help you and provide you effective tips to bring your website to the forefront of the search engines on relevant keyword searches that potential customers would search for your property. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have been the most effective methods of bringing your website up on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are effective for potential customers who are seeking specific information in Search Engines. Both work well to drive traffic to your website for no cost (SEO) or low cost (SEM).

Content Strategy

Each time you update your website, write a description, or post on Facebook, you’re creating content. And each piece of content whether written, or a photo, or a video, contributes to your business’ brand and how customers perceive you.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective method of promoting your business and what other better way could there be than to amalgamate it to your online marketing campaign. Social Media Marketing is the best method to promote online word-of-mouth marketing and thereby increase your customer base. You need to listen to what people say about your product, enter into dialogues with your potential customers, and use past customers to spread the word about your business to their friends and personal networks such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Twitter.

Booking & Online Reputation Management

The most succesful tourism businesses are the ones who are proactive and quick to act on their leads by converting them into bookings and finally documenting that all customers have had a satistisfying experience.

Handling enquiries and leads effectively

Handling your reservations effectively and professionally is the basis for success in running your hospitality business. Whether they are enquiries obtained through telephone hotlines, emails inquiries, your website’s booking engine or online travel agents (OTAs) the prime goal should be to convert the enquiry into a confirmed booking.

Reservations and Channel management

it is of vital importance that all reservations are synchronized by a channel manager and the correct room availability is shown at all times via a centralized reservations system and a reliable and trustworthy payment gateway is set up to collect all payments from customers.

Dealing with feedback and complaints

Retaining customers by being delighted them, is the backbone of effective marketing and what better way is there than to include this aspect in your online marketing portfolio. Your customers who have used your product or service should be able to leave a review whether positive or neagative and in turn you should use it either for your advantage to showcase or to improve/rectify any ailing product or service.

My Processes


Whether it is to increase your bookings and thereby revenue or to promote your property online to increase your visibility, I will initially identify your need. 


After identifying your need, I will commence designing the best strategy within the given framework and budget with the aim of achieving your objectives. 


I will give allowance to refine any shortfalls in the design with the currect trends and recommend any updates to your project to stay competitive in the market.


It is important to consolidate the project and build on it by adding on other services to ensure the sucess of your business. I will help you grow your business.

Featured Work

Designing and developing your website

Website Design & Redesign

I can design beautiful and professional looking WordPress websites to showcase your property or get a fresh website developed from scratch, incorporating booking engines and payment gateways. What your most preferred choice considering your budget could be discussed with me before venturing into this project.

Managing your Content

Content Writing, Graphic Designing and Video Creation

Each time you update your website, write a description or blog article, upload a photo or video as a post on Facebook, you’re creating content. And each piece of content contributes to your business’ brand and how customers perceive you.

Finding your property online

Search Engine Optimization

I will propose to implement a suitable SEO strategy to enhance your online visibility on search engines and social media platforms. The aim should be to increase your leads and convert them to sales by making your business and your products and services  more visible online.

Managing your reservations 

Booking Engines, Payment Gateways and Channel Managers

I will study your inquiries and booking patterns and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective method to manage your bookings. At the end of the day, how much profit that you earn from your business is the most important factor.

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